Lady Gaga Bad Romance Look

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Who isn’t Gaga crazy? This look was requested, and I apologize for taking so long to do it, I was terribly busy over the holidays, but here it is! Enjoy! I know the video was short, but the look was so easy to do that I did not see a reason for it to be super long. =)

Original Lady Gaga video here

A photo of the finished look.

Obviously we all know Lady Gaga had CG applied to her eyes, but that doesn’t mean we cannot replicate the look using makeup. As you can see, it looks very close to her big GOOGLY eyes, maybe not as crazy looking haha! You can use After Effects to enlarge the eyes.

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Lens- G-201 Gray Max Pure gray

Dress – I went to Partycity and bought a clear table cloth, cut out a dress pattern, glued it together and made my dress. Super easy!

How I boiled the hair. Got the idea from here…

I am not affiliated with any company but my own, iQQU. All products used are from my own makeup kit. Pretty and Cute sponsored my lashes and wig. I edit my own videos. Please consult a doctor before using circle lens.

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