World Cup: Did Sara Carbonero Cost Spain The World Cup (Photos)?

IN Spain, the World Cup story goes that the bratty team lost their rubber against the Swiss because Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas was distracted by his girlfriend, Sara Carbonero, stood behind the goal.

Carbonero is a TV sports hackette. Shockingly, she is not blonde (she’ll never get the gig on UK telly), but is, nonetheless, photogenic and has lips that could suck the ball into the net and blow a vuvuzela into an alphorn.

UK footy fans will recognise her for her work in pipping Erin Andrews to the title of Sexiest Reporter in the World by FHM USA.

But did she distract Casillas, the Real Madrid ‘keeper? This is Casillas who forgot to post his dad’s football pools coupon that would have won him a £1million.

This is Casillas who played keep-uppy with a glass aftershave bottle and lost – the bottle broke and glass severed a tendon in his big toe. That injury ruled him out of the 2002 World Cup finals.

So. Can his lover distract him? Well…

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