iPhone 4 Release Date


iPhone 4 Release Date – It won’t be called the iPhone HD, or the iPhone 4GS, but it will be soon be available for your pleasure.
The current release date for the phone is June 24th at AT&T Wireless. Some had speculated that the company would wait to release the phone until the company could secure a contract with other wireless providers so they could have the phone on a number of platforms, but it appears that they will not be doing that. Steve Jobs described the cell as “the biggest leap since the original,” and a number of the features included certainly appear to make it look that way.

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Netflix also hopped on stage during the speech and announced that they were in the middle of developing an app for the iPhone that would allow users to stream their favorite television shows right to their iPhone. They will also be able to pause the movies that they are watching, and pick up where they left off from another device (like the television).
The price of the iPhone 4 will depend upon a number of things. Along with a 2 year contract, it will cost $200 for the 16GB model, and $300 for the 32GB model. When you sign up for a 2 year agreement, you will also be forced to choose a data plan. AT&T recently did away with their unlimited data plan, and now offers two fixed amounts that will require you to pay extra fees when you go over their data usage allotment. Most users will be comfortably under the amount unless they go on an app downloading spree

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