Carrie Underwood’s Wedding Plans

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We’re already recounting some of Carrie Underwood’s wedding plans right now!

Hi everyone. Dana Ward here for Clevver TV with some early wedding details.

It’s just been weeks since Carrie Underwood and her beau Mike Fisher got engaged – uh, did you see that beautiful 5-karat diamond ring?!? – and the former American Idol winner has already revealed some wedding plans. She said that the pair would like to keep it as a small, intimate wedding but it just can’t be that way because they both work with a lot of people, have a ton of friends and come from big families. Basically, Carrie said that she’s relying on a wedding planner for the special day to all come together, but she does make one specific request: That the wedding be “pretty”.

Thanks for checking into Clevver TV. Remember to come back to our site,, for entertainment updates 24-7. I’m Dana Ward – see ya next time!

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