Valentines Day Movie Trailer Released!

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The teaser trailer for “Valentines Day” is already out—leaving fans wondering how they’ll make it for five more months before they see the film! Well guys, at least we have a little insider scoop on the movie for you-coming up right now on ClevverTV.

Hello everyone-thanks for coming by ClevverTV. I’m your host Joslyn Davis and if you’re counting down the days for the February 2010 release of Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone. The teaser trailer for the flick was just released-and let’s just say it’s exactly what it sounds like-a total tease.

In case you’ve forgotten, this movie stars pretty much every big-name celebrity in Hollywood. With leading names like Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Bradley Cooper, Taylor Lautner and Jessica Alba just to name a few, it’s fair to assume the star power this film packs will easily fill up theaters come February.

As we already reported, the movie is about intertwining couples and singles living in LA. Theyll break-up, make-up and make-out as the pressure-filled Valentine’s Day holiday approaches. And that’s all that anyone really knows about the star-studded flick as of now.

Of course everyone is buzzing about Taylor Squared-Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift-who team up in the movie, as what looks like everyone’s dream high school couple. The photos of them puckering up on-set are still in heavy circulation on the web. Others who look to be coupling off are Jennifer Garner and Patrick Dempsey, as well as Emma Roberts and Carter Jenkins who we see smooching it up in the trailer.

In a fun and unexpected twist, we also hear that Joe Jonas gets cozy with Jessica Alba in the movie-playing her best friend, or should I say man’s best friend—because Joe is apparently playing the voice of Alba’s dog. Can’t wait to see that!

Jessica Biel a will play a single workaholic, and from the looks of the trailer, Jamie Foxx also appears to be unattached…perhaps there will be a love connection between these two. It also seems like Julia Roberts and Bradley Cooper have a potential “more than just friends” relationship brewing. But only time will tell…

There are so many incredible actors and actresses in this movie-it seems like an American take on Love Actually. But of course no great film can exist without critics-some of whom are saying there are just too many big names in this movie. And they’re also saying that it’s too early to start promoting a film that won’t be theaters for several more months. Do you guys agree?

Fill us in below in the comments section. And as always you can check back to ClevverTV for new details on Valentine’s Day. I’m Joslyn Davis-thanks for watching!

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